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Science, Technology, and the Law

Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining the Science and Technology Brief at WCL. Our application for this cycle is open from April 1st 2021 – April 14th 2021. Please fill out our application form and you will hear from one of our staff members shortly.

Available positions are:

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Editor that finalizes all article submissions. Reads articles one last time for clarity, grammar, and correct citation. Along with the deputy editor, the Editor-In-Chief helps set up events and supervises the Brief’s activity

DEPUTY EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Second hand to EIC. The Deputy Editor helps the EIC with their general duties as well as helping the Managing Editor if necessary.

MANAGING EDITOR: Managing Editor directly oversees the editors and writers. They look over the articles once they have been looked over at least once by the editors. Whenever the writers or editors have a question they should ask the managing editor. The managing editor is the immediate liaison from the editors and writers to the EIC and DEIC. The Managing Editor maintains the website, and manages the Brief’s budget

Staff Application

If you are interested in being involved, but are not a WCL student, please refer to the submissions page.