Science, Technology, and the Law

Neuralink: Medical Advancement or Brain Hacking Nightmare?

Written by Aden Hizkias Neuralink, Elon Musk’s newest startup, is a neural implant device that is said to allow humans to control computer or mobile phones. On August 28, 2020, Musk provided a live demonstration of the device on pigs and hopes to advance to human trials by Summer 2021. The scope of the use…
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Creating Legal Policy for GIFs and Memes: Expanding the Scope of Free Speech

The introduction of new forms of communication on social media, such as memes and GIFs, poses a new legal policy question: how should the law adapt to these new forms of communication? Creating a policy that adapts to these novel forms of expression heavily focused on specific graphics or depictions along with limited written speech…
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“Your secrets are safe with us”: The struggle between privacy rights and fair access to digital records of the deceased

“When I am dead I will not care How future generations fare, For I will be so unaware. . . .”[1]           -Robert William Service   In 2004, my father passed away. He left a will that gave all of his assets to my mother. My mother had to make sure she had all the…
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