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Science, Technology, and the Law

Neuralink: Medical Advancement or Brain Hacking Nightmare?

Written by Aden Hizkias Neuralink, Elon Musk’s newest startup, is a neural implant device that is said to allow humans to control computer or mobile phones. On August 28, 2020, Musk provided a live demonstration of the device on pigs and hopes to advance to human trials by Summer 2021. The scope of the use…
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A Legal Framework for Artificially Intelligent Robots

Introduction This article addresses emerging issues concerning the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the expansion of the robots market, and the relationship between robots and the law. It will consider different positions taken by scientists and academics, as well as the European Parliament, regarding AI robots’ legal status, and whether they should be given human-like…
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Samsung’s Legal Issues

In the last century, Samsung has grown from a small Korean business to an influential multinational corporation. It is now one of the leading electronics companies prevalent in the world. As successful as Samsung has become, it has also met with its fair share of issues. In recent years, the increase in competition between Apple…
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